The day before the SAT?

<p>I'm always confussed as to what am I supposed to do the day before the SAT. Some say that you are not supposed to study at all. Is this true?</p>

<p>Well I don't think you should memorize tons of vocabs or do anything that requires a lot of memorization the day before SAT.. but going over questions that I previously got wrong and making a list of essay examples actually helped me :)</p>

<p>if you are bad at sentence completions: definitely read over the DH word lists to refresh your memory</p>

<p>if you are bad at math: work over a couple of problems</p>

<p>if you are bad at writing: work over a few problems you suck at</p>

<p>I know most people are against studying the day before because it will get them more nervous, but for me it always gives me a refresher and makes me feel securer.</p>

<p>I made a bunch of 3X5 cards of questions that D2 missed. She leisurely reviewed them. She did a couple sections of writing and reading but not the whole test.</p>

<p>Whether you study or not (I didn't), make SURE that you get an awesome night's sleep! Don't do anything to your body that you haven't done before, though. (e.g. if you take melatonin normally, take melatonin. If you don't, don't.) You should also eat the most nutritious dinner you possibly can. Likewise for breakfast the morning of, but don't eat too much lest you get tired. Avoid any kind of white bread, its lack of nutrients will sap your body of energy while not providing anything in return!</p>

<p>Passed out at 7PM the Friday before January SAT.</p>

<p>GO out drinking and partying. A hangover is a good for your SAT mental concentration. lol</p>

<p>In all seriousness, just review some vocab and some math formulas. Maybe even go over a few of your practise tests.</p>