The Deal With The College Board / SAT Sheet Send to College

So I was just curious as to how this SAT score sheet will be sent to college, my son is taking the ACT and did fine enough to get into the school's he pleased. But nevertheless, I'm curious as to how school's actually view this SAT / College Board official sheet, if I'm not correct it contains the following:
-All AP Scores
-All SAT I Scores
-All SAT II Scores
Will these schools (note: they're not Ivy's) look at all of these scores, like, or will they just take the highest scores? More specifically for SAT II's will they just look at the two or three (however many they require) scores. More specifically, I guess, assuming that your SAT scores equate to a "number" that makes up your chance of admission, how will it be calculated. That's so insance how that all goes on there.</p>


<p>The SAT report does not contain AP scores. AP scores are on a separate report that is generally ordered after you're accepted to the school you're going to attend, so that it contains your senior year AP scores as well. APs on applicatoins are just self-reported.</p>

<p>The SAT report does in fact contain all previously taken SAT I and SAT II scores.</p>

<p>Does he need to send the SAT II scores? If so, schools that do "holistic" admissions may also look at his SAT I, but will give more emphasis on the ACT score if it's better. They know that some kids do better on the ACT and some do better on the SAT I.</p>

<p>SAT scores do not equate to a number that "makes up your chance of admission", nor do ACT scores. They are one piece of the puzzle, but only one piece.</p>

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<p>What does that other post have to do with your question? What the College Board reports remains the same regardless of how you did or what you took; what the colleges consider remains the same regardless of what you want them to consider; there is no "magic number" for admission. There is no "but" in the post you linked.</p>

<p>I realize that this report remains the same, however, I took the question to the next level, wondering how the colleges percieve these reports which is of course "the most important thing."</p>


<p>when my son took the March satl he decided to cancel the test in the test center. He proceeded with signing papers for cancelation. We did receive the cancellation confirmation from the collegeboard with in few days. THEN all of sudden in first week of June the March SAT score appears on his score report!!. We called the collegeboard about this and they did fix the error in about 10 days without any apologies. My question is does the colleges see the same score report as we see on the collegeboard's internet where it has "my score report"? I am concerned that what if collegeboard make same mistake when sending out the scores to colleges and include that horrible sat score to colleges. thanks</p>

<p>well, does it really matter-- they'll only be looking at the highest scores, right?</p>