The Dean's New Editing Policy

<p>The Dean has made two New Year's resolutions for 2014. The first one involves the traditional 12 pounds that are on the Resolutions list every year. :(</p>

<p>The second one has to do with "Ask the Dean" editorial policies. In the past, when I have posted an "Ask the Dean" response, I have edited the question to remove spelling errors (at least when I catch them) as well as egregious grammatical goofs and other similar mistakes. I cleaned up most questions before posting them ... at least a little bit.</p>

<p>From now on, however, I am going to post the questions just as I receive them. (Exception: I will edit out personal details and other potentially identifying information, just as I have always done.)</p>

<p>The reason for this change is not only because I want to save time (which I certainly will) but also because I believe that the way a question is worded can tell me something about its sender that might affect my response. (Example: A question in broken English suggests that the student is an international applicant and might have requirements that a domestic applicant does not. A question about Harvard admission from a student using horrific grammar may whisper "huge Reach!") I want my readers to have access to much of the same information that I do when I answer. So from now on, you can expect that some of the questions you'll read here will not be "air brushed" as they've been in the past.</p>

<p>You may not notice this change, but --if you do--I hope you find it helpful.</p>

<p>Happy 2014 to all!</p>