The Demise of the Notre Dame Football Program

<p>Who doesn’t like ragging on Notre Dame? Wow! Calling it like it is</p>

<p>[The</a> Demise of the Notre Dame Football Program : The XLog](<a href=“New England Clam and Corn Chowder met kruiden”></p>

<p>ND has been mediocre for so long that today's high school athletes weren't even alive when it was a legendary football school. They are going to have a tough time digging out of that hole.</p>

<p>Dear PeterC042 and Schmaltz : I am still trying to decide which was worse - BC's loss to UCF, 30-3, which we were able to see in New York on CBS College Sports Network ... or the crushing loss dealt to the Fighting Irish in the final 23 seconds against Michigan. If nothing else, people are still talking about the ND/Michigan game!</p>

<p>Here's to hoping that BC finds its game before parents' weekend at the end of September.</p>

<p>Losing to Northwestern is tolerable, at least they're a decent program; getting crushed by UCF is embarrassing and portends a long, barren season. On the other hand, as someone who now lives in Ann Arbor where football high points have been few and far between of late, Notre Dame is the gift that just keeps on giving.</p>


<p>Always an Eagle (except twice a season - ND & Ohio State - when it's Go Blue!)</p>

<p>Dear vinceh : Thought about you after "80 yards with 23 seconds remaining"!</p>

<p>Thanks scottj. I never truly understood the phrase "deafening roar" until that ball landed in Roundtree's hands.</p>

<p>It's really a shame how two rivalries from BC's past (ND and Holy Cross) have fallen by the wayside. Honestly, the ACC is more like a football factory than a cohesive league with a storied past and natural interschool affinity. But on the flip side, the TV football dollars do pay for some very nice landscaping and equipment at the plex, so I guess all is not lost.</p>