The Democrats' Secret Plan

<p>I WISH the Democrats had a plan, secret or otherwise. As it is, they are simply turning up lucky as the Republicans continue to douse themselves in cootie spray. Who needs parody in this election season? The real stories are too funny.</p>

<p>As my wife said, when I showed her "Dean's letter", it is so politically tone deaf that it is just possible it could have been written by Dean. The perfect parody.</p>

<p>The minute that I got to the middle of the 5th line, I knew it was a parody.</p>

<p>Oh, so not fair! You went to Harvard.</p>

the $4,600 cited is probably what they spend on a nice spa weekend ;)</p>

<p>:confused: I am "BEYOND GULLIBLE!" So proclaimed by driver!!! Lord help me already...I wasn't feeling stupid or useless enough tonight.</p>

<p>This is fairly entertaining , too: A Keith Olberman fantasy segment: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>