The difference between men and women

<p>It's long been a debate whether or not women are truly different from men, or if it's just a matter of socialization. But think about it: It would be a legitimate thread topic for some guy to ask which colleges have a lot of female students who are inclined to get into a physical relationship without much fuss or conversation; whereas it would be ridiculous for a prospective female student to start a thread called something like "Where can a girl just have a 'good time' without much fuss or conversation?"</p>

<p>o rly?</p>


whereas it would be ridiculous for a prospective female student to start a thread called something like "Where can a girl just have a 'good time' without much fuss or conversation?"


<p>Funny, those girls don't seem to have a hard time congregating at certain colleges (or at least the college I'm most familiar with).</p>

<p>Biology and genetics rule over socialization and environment - no question</p>

<p>The concept of "sexual parity" i.e. the idea that males and female treat sexual matters the same way - is a long discounted feminist myth, and it's a simple matter of biology that men (generally) desire volume and females (generally) desire quality. </p>

<p>Consider the history of the sexual revolution: which by most accounts began in earnest around 1965, and was in full effect by the late 1970's. When Hugh Heffner was preaching the wonders of sex w/o the necessity of love, marriage or committment - it was not as if most men disagreed with him. The go/no go decision on the sex revolution itself was (in an aggregate sense) clearly in the hands of women - as they were (for the most part) still the gatekeepers of sex. Most men were already in the choir, and few men were out protesting in the streets against Hugh Heffner's prechings</p>

<p>Males have millions of sperm and women but several hundred eggs in their lifetime - they have a reason to be more selective and a bit less need and desire to 'want to get lucky"</p>

<p>Women don't think about the number of eggs they have left...the mere "several hundred eggs" is way more than enough than what is needed in one lifetime.</p>

<p>Funny, we just had this discussion in my class an hour ago.</p>

<p>I think socialization is the ruling factor.</p>

<p>It depends. Some girls are just as or more anxious than guys to 'get lucky' with no added commitment.</p>

<p>^^Ok, so like .01% of women vs. 97% of guys. And, "hottie_tara," do you think your statistical sample might not be completely random?</p>

<p>Dude, tourguide....the answer is really obvious.
Its much much easier for girls to get sex than it is for guys, so they don't need to find out specifically which college is best for that - they can get it at any college.</p>

<p>Sexual parity has been tested at various times</p>

<p>One test done on a college campus was basically: Take 2 students: one female and one male, both considered very attractive by members of the opposite sex, and they are given the following assignment:</p>

<p>"Approach random members of the opposite sex, for example in late afternoon, ask them if they would be interested in a date that evening and explicitly mention that sex will be part of the date"</p>

<p>This mini- survey/study was actually done and the results reported, to determine the responses and I believe it was probably a decade or so back : and the results were quite predictable</p>

<p>Something like:</p>

<p>0% response for the male</p>

<p>70% response for the female</p>

<p>Today I suspect given certain "need to get lucky tonight" females and given how sexually super-liberated some females have become, I will admit the man in this case today probably could get a 10% response or better - assuming he's not arrested or charged with some kind of sexual harassment</p>

<p>However, sexual parity is still a myth, as there simply still is no parity</p>

<p>Citation - I've heard of that study, and remember that the rather small minority of men who didn't agree to sex offered excuses like "I would but I can't - my fiancée's in town." How noble of them.</p>

<p>Not suprising, and keep in mind that Wilt Chamberlain, the late great basketball player, had sex with 20,000 different women FOR FREE</p>

<p>"Males have millions of sperm"</p>

<p>I'm certain it's in the billions at least, if not more than that. Maybe upwards of a trillion.</p>

<p>Best excuse ever used by a male:</p>

<p>Brad Pitt's excuse (from a month back) for not wanting to get married: Says he won't marry until "all people in the world regardless of gender are able to marry each other"</p>

<p>Very clever</p>

<p>Did he really say that?</p>

<p>Yep, and a very nice sentiment it is, but the odds of him actually sticking to it...</p>

<p>didn't brad pitt get married already? I keep forgetting who it was...isn't it Angelina jolie. I hate anything that has to do with celebrities, that's why I try not to stay informed. I get really jealous when they keep talking aobut their money...</p>

<p>No he didn't marry. But I bet he's going to soon, considering they both had a child together.</p>

<p>took me about 7 seconds to search on yahoo: for "brad pitt comments on marriage" and...</p>

<p>associated press story</p>


<p>Brad Pitt, ever the social activist, says he won't be marrying Angelina Jolie until the restrictions on who can marry whom are dropped. "Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able," the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine's October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19.</p>

<p>In the article he reflects on "fifteen things I think everyone should know."</p>

<p>Though Shiloh, the world-famous daughter of Pitt and girlfriend/earth mother Angelina Jolie, hogged much attention upon her birth in May, Pitt says he "cannot imagine life" without adopted children, Maddox, 5, and Zahara, 1.</p>

<p>"They're as much of my blood as any natural born, and I'm theirs," says Pitt. "That's all I can say about it. I can't live without them. So: Anyone considering (adoption), that's my vote."</p>

<p>Pitt, who plays a world traveler in the upcoming drama "Babel," subscribes to a laid-back parenting style.</p>

<p>"I try not to stifle them in any way," he says. "If it's not hurting anyone, I want them to be able to explore. Sometimes that means they're quite rambunctious."</p>

<p>Lucky kids. </p>

<p>"I feel it's really important to have that time to sit and talk to them," he continues. "I really like that last minute before they fade off. And always give them a heads-up before you jerk them out of something. You need to tell them, like, 'You have three more minutes.'" (AP)</p>

<p>end quote</p>