The Differences Between the SA's

As I have begun the application process for USNA, I have heard a lot about applying to other SA’s to help increase your chance of being admitted to one of them (I want to serve in some capacity that has a meaningful impact).

Through this process, I have done a lot of soul searching to try and figure out if any other academy (other than USNA) would be a good match for me. The only thing hindering me from learning about the other SA’s is the lack of cohesive/ understandable information about them (ie. life @ the academy, post- graduation opportunities, and what the service opportunities are like).

To give you an idea of what I am looking for; I would like to go to school for some sort of engineering or group 1 major, and my family has had a few graduates from USNA so I have had a huge push towards going there.

I want to explore all of my options before deciding and appreciate your input on this matter.