The Different Schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>is it harder to get into one of the schools over another, meaning the college, mcdonough, sfs, and nursing. does one want higher sat's andgrades, or anything? i know you pick the one u want to study in, but im just curious.</p>

<p>Georgetown says there is no difference, but SFS is their crown jewel, so keep that in mind</p>

<p>nursing is the easiest, and I think there is generally no contest to that assertion. The college and the sfs have a little rivalry going on, but we all know deep down which one is truly the best.</p>

<p>The college and sfs have basically the same acceptance rate, usually around 20%. Business is slightly higher- about 25%. Nursing has recently been pushing 40%. I don't know how well it works to try to get in through a back door and then transfer schools, but I do know that a lot of people transfer between schools.
And yeah, we do know which is best- it's the college.</p>

<p>the acceptance rate to the School of Nursing and Health Studies is around 33%, but if you don't have a demonstated interest in healthcare, the highest scores won't get you in. The SNHS Admissions committee is aware of the school's reputation and do not have lower standards, there are just fewer students coming out of high school who know they want to be nurses or enter a strict science program, so that accounts for the higher acceptance rate. </p>

<p>Keep in mind that Georgetown's Nursing program is considered the best on the East Coast with Penn and competes directly with Penn for applicants.</p>