The dog that didn't bark?

<p>It is interesting to note that the Sunday NYT article on law students has not generated a thread yet. Is it just too hot for either side to touch? Are there too many facts in the article that get in the way of easy opinion?</p>

<p>Yep, too hot to touch! But I did read it!</p>

<p>ps - I like the Sherlock Holmes reference!</p>

<p>So...81% finished law school; 78% passed the bar. The analysis doesn't apply to top law schools (where affirmative action is used most often.) And the final number -- the impact of not having AA for all law schools, is in serious question. Would be interesting to see cohorts based on family assets (what things happening outside the classroom impact performance?)</p>

<p>Sounds like lots of smoke, and little fire to me.</p>