The effects of B's

<p>If you saw my posts in the MIT forum, you'll understand my anxiety. If we're even considering applying to a school such as Stanford, we probably loathe the grade B. The reason I am posting this is that I received a B both semesters this year in the same class, a class that I can't seem to do well in. I don't know why I can't seem to do well, but I definitely have not slacked off. So here's my question: how much do these matter? I'm currently a sophomore in high school and have decent EC's and SAT's(2200's currently without intense prep). For the rest of high school, I most likely won't get a B again unless I get super unlucky. I feel awfully miserable right now because of this. The worst thing is, I'm an Asian male. If I get no more B's for the rest of high school, will my chances be significantly hurt by these B's? I'll post stats probably in around a year because it is too early.</p>

<p>Thanks for any input</p>

<p>You're certainly not helping the "asian male" stereotype much by worrying about grades like this. One B? Seriously?</p>

<p>You're smart enough for these schools, your SAT's already show that well enough. What you need to do is concentrate on your real passions, not what letter some teacher puts on a piece of paper. You have to make them believe in you and your potential ability to create new knowledge - and you're not gonna do that by concentrating on grades alone.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. Anyone else?</p>

<p>yours b's will destroy you chances of college admission, but thats only the least of your worries. your high school transcript will follow you to grad school, and your potential employers will be horrified and utterly disgusted by your lack of performance. the trouble doesn't end there; the government will probably banish you for shaming the nation with your b and you will be exiled to a deserted island in the middle of the balmy pacific left to ponder what could have been had it not been for that one b.</p>

<p>lolz ^ 10char</p>

<p>I got plenty of Bs and even a D- and still got in. Make sure that your Bs are overshadowed by plenty of As. If it's just a few, you'll be absolutely fine. Work on your essays! They make or break everyone.</p>

<p>gregh313- hahahahahahahaha!</p>

<p>bluebubbles- where did you go to school? if you went to my school (large, not-that-great public), you don't have a chance at Stanford unless you got all A's. Any kid who gets a B at my school doesn't deserve Stanford... : )
what was the D- in?</p>

<p>I went to a large public for three years, but I'm not sure how good it is. We were in the Top 700 of the Newsweek list and we're fairly well known in that state but we rarely sent people to a top, top school. I'll be the first from that school to go to Stanford. A few people over the years have gotten into Harvard and Dartmouth, but they were all athletic recruits. It's a decent school but it's not fantastic. </p>

<p>I moved to Europe though and did 2 years (my credits wouldn't transfer) at a very small international school that has an OK reputation in my country. I did the IB though and got something like a 42 predicted, which was a strong rising trend. My grades are subpar but my ECs and essays definitely helped me stand out. They're much more important than a lot of people like to think. The D- was in Algebra II/Pre-cal. It was only one semester though, got a B in the other. I think Stanford thinks I'm lazy academically (which I kind of was...) but passionate about things, so future applicants: show your passion!!</p>

<p>I personally know roughly 8 people in the same year as I am who go to Stanford, and only 2 of them had zero B's on their transcripts. Stay passionate, and then leave it to the forces of fortune -- Stanford will take you if they think you'll contribute something distinct to their class!</p>

<p>I'm going to tell you one thing, a B does NOT make a difference between an Asian student, a Caucasian student or a African American student. That's right NO DIFFERENCE. People spaz out because they got a B, so what, colleges don't find that as a big deal, I mean my friend got into Duke University and he has never had a 4.0 (unweighted that is) in high school, but why did he get in? Its because he had outstanding ECs. He was a very talented Violist, he volunteered a lot. Moral of this, a B does not matter, in fact it shows the admissions office that you are not all about academic (that's if you have great ECs) and that you care about other stuff</p>

<p>cdz512- that really depends on your school. If you go to a school that is ridiculously hard, and that would require all your effort and time to maintain A's across the board, then yes, it is better to get a few B's and get deeply involved in some different activities than to just spend all of your time striving for A's and not do anything else. However, if you go to a school like mine, then that is bad advice. If you go to a large, not-too-exceptional public like mine, and are smart enough for Stanford, then it should be a breeze to get all A's and still be involved in lots of different things. Don't start telling these kids that they can get B's and be okay as long as they have good EC's as well. The right advice to give is just to make sure that you find a really good balance between schoolwork and extracurriculars. That's what Stanford is looking for. Remember, you can have amazing EC's but, if you don't have the grades, then no Stanford for you!
I met one kid at Stanford admit weekend who claimed to have done no EC's, no sports, no community service, nothing. He just sat at his desk and banged out a 2400 SAT, 4 800 SAT IIs, and a 36 ACT, not to mention straight A's at his school. You won't find a kid who has awful grades but does every single extracurricular under the sun getting in to Stanford. First and foremost, Stanford is an academic school! Just keep that in mind.</p>

<p>bluebubbles- I did IB too! But not in Europe lol. How did you find out your predicted scores? Our teachers didn't tell us.</p>

<p>The only reason I found out is because there was some issue with one of the English schools I applied to and I had to personally send them my predicted scores. Kinda complicated. </p>

<p>But yea, IB is over!!! How'd you think you did?</p>

<p>Oh, I'm sure I did well. I did well on the two SL tests I took last year, and they were in my weakest subjects. I'm almost positive I got 7's in HL French and HL History, and I think I got 6's or 7's in HL English and SL Geography. But, you never know! : )
I am positive that I got my diploma though. hahahaha</p>

<p>How about you? How do you think you did? Happy to be done? : )</p>