The Elusive OP

<p>Who/what is the "OP" that everyone refers to???</p>

<p>I believe it refers to Original Poster--the person who started a thread. (It took me a good six months to figure this out ;).)</p>

<p>OMG thank you haha it was driving me insane!</p>

<p>It's the kid on Andy Griffiths.</p>

It's the kid on Andy Griffiths.

Actually, the concept of an Original Poster is a metaphysical question, dealing with how it all started. ;)</p>

<p>I heard he created the show in just 6 days.</p>

<p>mini LOLOL!</p>

<p>...and on the seventh he spent all day on CC and didn't get anything done! ;-)</p>

<p>momof1 - ^^^^ truer words were never spoken.</p>

<p>So on which day did he create the Abbreviation thread?</p>

<p>Don't you mean She? ;)</p>

<p>oh. I thought you were talking about the "OC".</p>

<p>"Bush wants schools to teach intelligent posting" Lotsaluck.</p>

<p>[edit: My 1000th post! Case in point.:)]</p>

<p>While we're on the topic of abbreviations, what does DD and SS and all these son/daughter shortenings mean? Daughter's daughter seems unlikely...</p>

<p>DD= dear daughter, darling daughter, or *amned Daughter (if you are really mad at them)</p>