The End in Sight...

<p>Fellow parents of rising COLLEGE Seniors, thoughts? insights? ventings? Do you wish you would have just relaxed a little bit back then? </p>

<p>I thought I was relaxed back then(when D was going thru the app process), but in hindsight, I was worried she wouldn't be happy with her choice(she was and is and is very sad to be graduating "I want to go back and start all over and do it the same." However, remembering this is maybe making me way TOO laid back now with S's app process. LOL
"Go to college, don't go, go to community is what you make it, see the world, follow your dreams [not college, but college is a back up plan]..." Surprisingly every time I say this he freaks out and insists he is going to a "four year college or university!!!" When that's not even remotely what he is interested in right now - oh dear... I didn't mean to reverse psych him.</p>

<p>And another thing, is it just me or does it seem that despite all the additional technological advances in information about colleges, it's just more of the same things we were all hashing over a short 3-4 years ago? Did we listen as little to posters then who ACTUALLY had the experiences as it seems parents and prospective students don't now, to us, who now HAVE been down the path already? Did any of it REALLY make an impact on your S or D's ACTUAL college experience once they got into their college years? </p>

<p>I'm thinking no. D's application list was virtually unchanged from soph HS year on, and originated before she got anything from this board. D is about to grad college, S is graduating HS this year. As I come back to this board to see what's new and changed for his college search and application I find the usernames are different(in most cases) but the comments & opinions are the same. It cracks me up to see some users still on the same old soapboxes and anti-school crusades.</p>

<p>On a practical note, I'm disappointed to find that there still is virtually nothing about schools in the Rockies & Sierra mountain states. Only one of the eight major universities in these areas that S is planning on applying to has a named thread to it. But we have yet another sticky for the 100th thread debating the goods or evils of Greek Life. </p>

<p>Ahhhh everything old is new again...the circle of life. (or of college applications)</p>

<p>Perhaps combining this thread with this one for the parents of rising college seniors might be a good idea <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Except that's more of a look to the future, I was reflecting on the past. But anyone with the power to do it, go for it. Do as you see fit.</p>