The end of the card catalog cabinets?

<p>Per a message from the librarian to the students, this month, Yale is beginning the removal of free-standing cabinets from the Sterling Memorial Library nave that have housed catalog cards for several decades.</p>

<p>card, I honestly haven't used one since elementary school.</p>

<p>as a Yale student, I find this to be sort of sad because the card catalogs add so much to the ambiance of Sterling. And though you'll all probably laugh at me, I have found them really very useful in one of my research papers last year (Orbis, our online system, only comes up with results that are exact matches to your search terms, while the card catalogs also have all sorts of peripherally related references in the same file that contain a wealth of information). However, I suppose it's not all bad since the built-in ones (which are fancier & prettier) will be staying :-)</p>

<p>and just because i'm bored,

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<p>I remember feeling like a detective when I used them at the local library when I was little, :P</p>

<p>It's sad to see them go, since they were the "pews" in the cathedral motif of Sterling Memorial Library. (The circulation desk is the "altar" to Mother Yale instead of Mother Mary and the reliefs under the windows in the Nave are the Stations of Yale, like the Stations of the Cross.)</p>

<p>However, the Cross Campus Library renovations are going to be amazing.</p>