The end of the road

<p>And so our time at KP comes to a close. I'll bow out to make room for some of the new parents that are no doubt freaking out right about now. I'm not one for advice, but I'll leave this tidbit for you new KP parents.</p>

<p>Let them explore.
Let them grow up.
Let them make mistakes.
Let them face consequences.
Let them do pushups, wall sits, etc.
Let them become strong.
Let them become smart.
Let them become well-rounded.
Let them be Kings Pointers.</p>

<p>Four years goes by in a flash.</p>

<p>It sure, off we go, into the Wild Blue Yonder....</p>

<p>I just picked up my mid after finishing his first year. It did go by in a flash. Going out to sea next year. As an "A" splitter he will not see 1/2 his class until they are seniors! What a year it has been.<br>
I'll add one line to to the "Let them"....</p>

<p>Let Them realize how truly blessed they are to be a part of Kings Point!</p>

The adventure is just beginning for you. The experiences they have during sea year eclipse anything a "normal" college has to offer. They come back with so much more confidence and maturity. Once sea year starts the time really flies for us parents. I almost envy you....almost!</p>

<p>Our Mid is in his second sea year. He returned from Singapore and is boarding a US Navy FFG in Norfolk, Va Sunday. The ship heads up to Boston for the July 4th holiday. He will be 21 soon and I'm sure the good citizens of Boston will be treating he and US Navy sailors well! He is seeing alot and having a blast.</p>