The Evolution of Dreams

<p>anyone want to read the first half of my essay?</p>

<p>thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I can tell just by your non non-descript thread title that you are probably a good writer. I'll read it =)</p>

<p>Pm! I'll read it</p>

<p>Sorry, but both of you are in the class of 2012 and applying to the sane schools as me</p>

<p>Any college students want to read it?</p>

<p>I'll read it... Pm :)</p>

<p>Where do you see my schools listed? I'm doing early decision to Barnard....</p>

<p>Your previous topics. </p>

<p>Any college graders?</p>

<p>I'll read, PM me</p>

<p>You can send it to me</p>

<p>PM it to me</p>

<p>You can PM it to me</p>

<p>I'll read it.</p>

<p>Is "The Evolution of Dreams" the title of your essay? If so, change it. It seems way too cheesy and reminds me of a romantic comedy movie.</p>

<p>I'll help!</p>

<p>Bump dis ish</p>