The experience of a female who worked at Uber

I haven’t seen this article posted here on CC, so I thought I’d post it since we have talked about Uber on this forum. This blog article is making the rounds in Silicon Valley and it creating quite a buzz. Seems that Uber is not a female-friendly workplace. In fact, based on this person’s experience, it’s a boy’s club with a culture of sexism and harassment.

Nothing new here. Silicone Valley is just about all male. I am not surprised at all.

Thanks for sharing.

Sad. Large companies in California have been training employees about sexual harassment for more than 20 years.

There is an investigation now.

Thanks for sharing that article @coolweather

Sadly, even among the uber-macho-manly-nerd SV companies, Uber has the lowest percentage of women among its employees per a report on CNBC.

All of the sexual harassment training in the world won’t remove the sexual tension factor, which is really the root of the problem, and the part nobody likes to talk about.