the face book

<p>(lemme introduce myself- i'm from florida, goin to the college next yr, and am a probably PPE major.) does any one have any idea regarding penn 09ers on TFB? i think we may need our penn email accounts first, so when does that happen? thanks and hope to see you all soon.</p>


<p>hey danny i'm an '08er you'll be getting your pennkey which will allow you to set up your email sometime in mid may. Looking at my facebook account now, I have been a member since May 15, 2004 and I remember I got facebook the day I got my email. So you should get it within the next few weeks. Btw the facebook is the most addicting thing ever...**** like myspace and friendster suck.</p>

<p>i live for facebook</p>

<p>for now.. try out the upenn class of 09 myspace page. theres some pretty cool people.</p>