The Falcon Love Song

<p>I thought I would throw this out there…</p>

<p>[YouTube</a> - The Falcon Love Song](<a href=“]YouTube”></p>

<p>…as there has not been too much discussion for those not in the 2% Club. Wasn’t sure if this ought to be on the realism thread, but an important topic none the less.</p>

<p>you should see my proxy picture.</p>

<p>it's all very sad.</p>

<p>Realism? Definitely. So true, ha ha...</p>

<p>98% club!
We've got jackets...A-jackets to be precise.</p>

<p>i absolutely love this song/video. it makes my day. some jokes get lost though when you haven't been here</p>

<p>Okay - love the video. Same stuff happens down here at the P. The funniest part is my roommate just watched the video and at the end when it says, "I guess it could be worse" he said, "Yea, I guess they could be at West Point."</p>

<p>Change a couple words (bear goggles : falcon goggles) in that video and you've got CGA. The truth hurts.....</p>

<p>Your proxy probably isn't too bad. Mine looks like a prison photo.</p>

<p>I used to have a sweet proxy and some buddies all went together to have them made over the summer and we had a goofy face contest for the pictures. Unfortunately they made us have them remade with normal faces a few days later...that lady taking our pictures got in trouble for letting us do that...(but we didn't :) )</p>