The fleeting nature of college coaches

<p>As many of you are starting to get more involved with coach contacts, I thought I'd post a warning about becoming too enamored with the coach as opposed to the school. Looking back on the coaches that recruited D, the faces have changed in a very short period of time. A prominent PAC-10 program coach informed her mid-summer after her junior year that he had taken a coaching job elsewhere (smaller midwestern school). An Ivy coach informed her that he had taken a job at a rival Ivy school and really recruited her hard to come to the new school. I'm glad she didn't because I just read that he left after 1 season to take a job in the PAC-10. So yes, it's important to like the coach, but you have to ask yourself how you'd feel if next year at this time you find out that the coach with whom you've created this great bond, has moved on to greener pastures.</p>

<p>I couldnt agree more. the old adage, if I broke my leg would I want to be in this school holds true. You need to be happy if the coach leaves. My son was recruited by a coach who left during the recruiting process, which left my son with no head coach to work with admissions. by this time my son was in love with the school and decided to go there regardless of who the coach was. Other recruits couldnt go without knowing who the coach would be and it was there loss. A new coach came in from a winning program and he had actually recruited some of these kids for his prior school, but they went elsewhere. the school will always be there, other stuff happens.</p>

<p>Yep, Kiddo was recruited by Ivy coach, given the sponsorship and likely letter, committed to the school last Fall and was really looking forward to working with the coach. Early summer, she received e-mail from the coach that she was resigning and heading back to grad school. So far, no new coach has been hired, although a couple candidates have been identified.</p>

<p>As Kiddo chose her school based solely on the academics/atmosphere, etc., she's disappointed, but not upset at all. Que sera sera. She'll participate in the sport whomever the coach is and go from there. Her sport did for her what she wanted it to, so all is good.</p>

<p>But, yep, definitely underlined to us how ephemeral the presence of a specific coach at a specific college for any length of time is.</p>