The Grandparent Thread

@dstark Yay for you! You are going to be a terrific grandfather!

@alwaysamom, thanks.

I love what you wrote about being a grandmother.

I am sure you are an awesome grandmother!

I am also a Mimi, but so is my mother. So with a grandmother and great grandmother often present together at an event. It got confusing. Hence we’re become Mimi J and Mimi Faye. Enjoy its wonderful!!

We had a discussion about what each grandparent would be called since there are so many grands and great-grands. It made sense for everyone to have a different name for the sake of simplification. So we have Oma, Opa, Abuela, Abuelo, Grandma and Grandpa.

Congratulations!! We will welcome our first in September. A boy.

Hearty congratulations to all! Right now none of ours are interested and only one is married. I’m afraid the costs of living in their preferred city is driving some of that. I will have to ooh and ahh over yours.

There is so much good news here. Thank you, @alh, for starting this thread.

@dragonmom - I will be retiring and caring for baby-to-be two (or three) days a week for at least the first year. You can come to join me. I will share baby holding time with you.
D is getting recommendations and choosing her doctor - one of the groups included the doc that delivered her!

Every morning, a short while after waking up, I remember there is a baby on the way and I’m excited all over again.

I just can’t wait to join you all! My close friend’s daughter is due in August and another friend’s son and his wife ar expecting their second in November. I am so jealous. However, my eldest recently told us that he expects to be engaged by the end of the summer and that they will be on a “fast track” once they are married as she is three years older than he is, and will be in her mid-30’s before any wedding happens. So, maybe, just maybe, I will get to experience grand-hood…

My sister doesn’t know I will be a grandma in 2017… She has been a grandma for almost four years. She’s loved every minute of it. Last week, when I visited her, I saw a little plaque with this saying: ‘Children are the rainbow of life Grandchildren are the pot of gold’.

I was out doing errands and just can’t keep out of the baby department.

Newborn onesie with college logo - Yay or Nay? (really, who doesn’t want such a garment to take baby home from the hospital :wink: )

Which college? New mama’s or new daddy’s?

College logo - only if both wet to same college, otherwise - Grandma Loves Me!

Oh my, I made a faux paus back in my twenties. When my cousin, Harvard UG and med school, had his first born, I got them a sweat suit with H on it. I didn’t think much of it at the time, as I had my Coop membership. I did see him wearing the sweatsuit.

Oh - I think that was a sweet gift bookworm. I’m just thinking college confidential and grandparent thread and saw those onesies today. I wanted to buy one but restrained myself.

I brought my male babies home in handmade linen dresses. No one wants those anymore. They have to be ironed.

Only in my imagination will I buy clothes for this baby. The other grandmama is in charge of that. :slight_smile:

I am putting together a fantasy layette. It will have a college onesie from the college of every family member. There will be so many that may be all the baby needs 0-3 months.

I didn’t buy any clothes for first year. 9 months and 12 months were roomy, and what good salespeople told be to buy as gifts. Silly to waste $ on clothes they may wear once.

That would certainly be the sensible approach. I have enough infant/toddler clothes packed away this baby would not need a thing, but that would certainly take away a lot of the fun, of picking out baby clothes, for the other grandmama. I have been looking through boxes in amazement at how well dressed my children were, and I didn’t buy them a thing. Everything was gifts.

I am looking at handmade crib and receiving blankets and wondering about those. I don’t think it is possible to buy pieces like that and daughter-in-law’s mother doesn’t do handwork.

I am trying to stay calm.

I think the college onesie is a cute gift. I will plan to order one.

My sister made the curtains, the blankets and sheets for my son. She asked for everything back, to pass on, but I kept one of her blankets. She also made him his first coat. Nothing beats a good seamstress with great taste.

I love the college onesie idea with every family member having their college represented. I’m going to hold on to that ideas or the next baby shower.

@dragonmom - You can bring your favorite college onesie when you visit.