The Grandparent Thread

Some of us have been on this board so long that now we are either grandparents or about to be grandparents - so I’m starting a thread for us. Because this is pretty exciting.

My daughter-in-law is expecting a boy!

:)>- :smiley: :-c Someday, I’d like my kids to find good partners and start families if they would like that. I know I’d be thrilled if they are–I love little ones and for now and happy with my one grand niece and grand nephew.

@alh, congratulations! That is awesome!

Your are going to be an awesome happy feminist grandmother!

When is the baby due?

November …


are you carrying around an ultra sound photo? Can anyone believe these new ultra sound photos???

Mine too. :slight_smile:

@jym626, someday it will happen.

@alh Congrats! You are in for a world of fun. I’ve been a grandma for six years and it’s the best. Truly the best!

Oh you lucky guys. I am so, so envious. I hear being a grandparent is the best. Enjoy. Until it happens to me, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you. So provide details, please. And of course, the warmest congratulations.

I just became a grandmother in January. We are all in love with her - each of us is secretly is fighting for the title of President of the Esther fan club. :slight_smile: Seriously, she won’t need to walk for a few years since there is always someone around to hold her.

We are beyond blessed that they live near us and also near our parents (there are three great grandparents!!). And siblings are nearby as well.

Many congratulations on your great expectations, @alh and @dstark! My grandson was a November baby last year and he is a joy. It’s an equal joy to see my daughter as a mom, so happy and really just knocking it out of the park. You have so much sweetness ahead of you.

I am a grandfather with a grandson who is 9. He lives near me so I see him a lot. Best of luck to all of you.

I have four. Youngest is two weeks old. Oldest is 2 1/2. It really is the best thing ever. You’re going to love it. Last night my son told his oldest that it was time to go home. He looked at his daddy and said: “I want to stay here forever”. Made my heart melt.

Congrats alh, dstark and all the already grandparents.

I can’t wait to be a gram but S is only 22 so I think I’ll be waiting for years. :frowning:

My granddaughter is due any day now! I shall henceforth answer to Mimi!

juniebug: Can you sleep? Are they close? I love your grandmama name!

One of my great-grandmamas was “Big Mama”

That is what I want my name to be! (I’m 5’1")

But I’m not asking for anything. I’m only going to say if someone asks me. I’ll answer to anything.

Congratulations! This is very timely, as D and SIL just told us they are expecting. D is only 5-6 weeks pregnant, so we (H, S, and I) are the only other people who know. We’re not telling people IRL until August. That’s going to be a long time for me to keep quiet… I’m glad I get to share here on CC. Most of my dearest friends and my siblings are grandparents. They love, love, love it! D lives very close by so we will be able to see baby-to-be often.

@alh, I’m sleeping better than DIL! And I’m far away : (. I plan to visit often, though. Congrats to you, too!

I am bookmarking this thread in the hopes that I can make an announcement in the near future! My DIL is ready to have children, it is just a matter of when it happens. We haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving and will be visiting this weekend with them; I will be keeping a sharp eye on what she does (or doesn’t drink); usually that is the give away!! :wink:

Congratulations, you will love being a grandparent! We have a two year old granddaughter who has stolen all our hearts. Her little sister is due in September!

Hurrah for all the grandparents and grandparents to be. Like some others, I’ll have to call this the vicarious thrills thread for now.

@frazzled1, @alwaysamom, all grandparents and all future grandparents, congratulations.

@emilybee, thanks.

@alh, I do have photos of my granddaughter’s ultrasound. They are on my phone. In the latest photo, I can see her head and other parts of her body. It’s amazing! Whenever my daughter or son-in-law sends me a new photo, I get a jolt of adrenalin or whatever it is running through me! It’s an awesome feeling!

I agree with you about the ultrasound photos!