The Grandparent Thread

Congrats to all the newcomers to the grandparent thread, and welcome back to the return folks! GD has not been an easy kid, but her new younger brother seems very mellow and chill. Good thing. Don’t know if they could manage 2 high-energy, bad sleeper kids. GS has slept a 6 hr stretch so far, but don’t know if it has been more than once. S plans to return to work in early May, but due to an upcoming job change is actually able to bank most of his paternity leave(has to be used within the first year). DIL plans to go back to work 3 days/wk in June, with eventual plans to go back to 4 days/week. GS will go the the little home daycare place that big sister went to (the woman is wonderful and GD is thrilled to be able to see this woman again when they pick up little brother) and GD will continue at her 4 day/week preschool. The daycare stays open til 6, but preschool kids have to be picked up by 4:45. So they will have to figure all this out when they are back at work and no longer completely telecommuting.


Just got a picture from D. They bought hiking backpacks for the twins today.
Twin A was wearing her sunhat and sunglasses, looking chill and ready to take on the Pacific Crest Trail riding on her daddy’s back.

I’ve only been home a week, but I miss the babies like crazy.


3mo old GD has cut her first tooth, D announced yesterday. I noticed “teething behavior” when I saw her last month, but thought it was too early for that. (My kids cut their first teeth around 5-8 mo.) D is probably glad to be pumping/bottlefeeding now!


My son and GD are coming to visit for a long weekend; they haven’t seen my mother since Thanksgiving 2019 when GD was 13 months old! I asked my son to let me know what I needed in the way of food for her, so he sent me a basic list. No particular brands or flavors or items; I was just to pick whatever we were ok with having leftover. When my daughter visit’s, I will have a list of specific foods and flavors to purchase; part of this is due to GD’s food allergies, but a good bit is just my daughter’s type A personality.

I am still amazed about the difference between my son and my daughter in how their raise their daughters; daughter’s daughter is 9 months younger than son’s daughter. My son and DIL, as well as their daughter, are so laid-back and chill, while my daughter, SIL and their daughter are high strung and whiny; SIL is more chilled, than my daughter. Daughter is type A, and looks like daughter is following suite at the ripe age of 21 months! When she puts her toys away on the shelf, she puts everything back on the same shelf it came off of. She is good about cleaning up after playing with toys, although she is also happy to leave things out. She whines when things don’t go her way, which is often, My son’s daughter is a tornado, and a bit wild when she plays; that said, she is so happy.

I am looking forward to spending time with GD next weekend, but know I will be tired. She likes to go go go; sitting and coloring like the other GD is not an activity she enjoys!


DD1 and I got potty training success with 2 1/2 YO GD over the weekend while SIL was on reserve training. GD was ready and it was easy with hourly potty breaks on Saturday (she always went #1); nap time first day we put on a pull up and it was wet. At night we used a diaper. Saturday she had pooped in her underwear but I showed her how it went into the potty. On Sunday, she was in a room with her mom, and her mom could tell she was getting ready to have a BM. Since 1 1/2 YO younger brother was keeping mom busy, she had her in the bathroom with privacy and GD did it. GD also had on unisex padded pee training panties for nap on Sunday and kept them dry. I recommended to DD that overnight if she empties her bladder, keep just a day diaper on her for night because she may not pee much.

The parents were so stressed over this. In addition to the pee training panties, I had sent 12 girls underwear (2 sets of 6 - with girlie patterns). GD had heard so much about big girl panties and she was excited about them.

Santa had left a fairly big gift with a note that had been put aside. Now she was able to have it and play with it. Her younger brother also was thrilled with the item and GD shared.

The book “Potty Training in 3 Days” by Brandi Brucks was helpful. Short with good tips.

So we did it in 2. The book recommends staying with it for 10 days if you believe the child is ready.

High Five!


The full time nanny D1 started today. D1 said it went pretty well, but D1 said it made her feel a bit sad because it means she is due back to work soon (June). I told D1 to use some of her free time now to do “all the things on her list,” like having lunch with her mom. :grinning:
The baby was having bad reflux and latching (she would cry when sucking on a bottle). They took her to see a doctor. Apparently she had a case of tongue tie and they performed a laser procedure on her tongue. D1 said the GD is a lot more relaxed and less agitated now.


Back in the day (36 years ago) I got a fulltime nanny so I could go back to work. She started a week before I returned to work so we could both “settle in.” I remember leaving the apartment for a walk by myself, with tears streaming down my face as I walked. I was sure I was being a bad mother and that the baby wouldn’t recognize me when I came home.

Ah, hormones. Boy, that was a tough period.


I have been babysitting one of my granddaughters, started when she was 5.5 months onward. She will be a year old May 7. The whole purpose was to keep her and her parents safe from Covid. They work from home and I go to their house. It has been a sweet gig. Anyway, it will be coming to an end and she will be going to a home based daycare. I do so wish they’d get a nanny. Oh how I wish so she could be at home, at least for another year. Oh well.


Our 2.5 yo GD and son will arrive tomorrow night for 4 days! I was on the phone with my son to ask him a few things, and GD wanted to talk on the phone; she never wants to talk! She is busy packing her books to bring with her and telling me all about coming to see me and going on a plane. I told her I would see her after one more sleep; she then tells her father they have to hurry and go to bed, and she needs to put her sleep sack on; it was 5:00! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

While I was lucky to be able to stay home with my kids, my GDs are both in preschools/daycare. That both have blossomed there, and neither families regret sending the girls. You don’t see a many stay at home parents anymore, and while both my daughter and DIL, love their daughters very much, they both enjoy working and like the balance in their lives.


I never stopped working after having my kids. My daughters will continue to work also. The only thing is I kept them home with a fully time nanny until they were ready for pre-school. D1 said it is a bit crowded with 3 adults in the apartment now.
Not sure if your kids are sharing baby pictures on a website like Tinybeans. D1 loads few pictures on the site everyday to share with family and friends. My mother really enjoys getting on everyday.


Our s uses google photos to send pics to the “group”.


That’s what my D does, too–we all know to check for new pictures every day (of course, I see them regularly, so you would think it wouldn’t be a big deal to me–but it always is!