The guys on the Big Bang Theory get lots of woman....A Phd is clearly a good decision

<p>Wow, I've been watching the Big Bang Theory, and I must hand it to these guys. They do pretty well with the opposite sex. It is a very entertaining(and hopeful) TV program for a PhD student. Even Sheldon could do better if he ever got the social queues.</p>

<p>So a few half serious questions...</p>

<li>Do PhDs in science and engineering really do this well?</li>
<li>How can graduate school be more like the Big Bang Theory?</li>

<p>Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

<p>It's a TV show, not reality.</p>


<p>in terms of one's ability to attract women, it depends on your PhD</p>

<p>physics<math<neuroscience<nuclear e<computer e<electrical e<earth sciences<chemistry<biology<medicine</p>

<p>i am talking about women outside of science... if you want to talk about women in science this hierarchy is reversed.</p>

<p>I don't know, I'd rather date a dude in neuro, math, physics, earth sciences or chem than a guy in biology. But then, I'm in the social sciences myself, so I find nerdiness hot as long as they're not one of those unwashed man-children that spends 20 hours a day in the lab (and the other 4 sleeping on a cot in the corner of the lab).</p>

<p>"A physicist goes into a bar every week and orders himself a drink and also one for the empty stool beside him.</p>

<p>Eventually the bartender gets curious and asks why.</p>

<p>The physicist replies that quantum mechanics tells us that there is an infinitesimal possibility that the molecules in the air beside him will spontaneously turn into a beautiful woman who will accept the drink and fall in love with him.</p>

<p>The bartender says there are plenty of beautiful women in the bar, why doesn’t he just buy one of them a drink and maybe they’ll fall for him.</p>

<p>The physicist replies, “Sure, but what are the odds of that?”</p>

<li>From season 2</li>

<p>^ I like that</p>

1. Do PhDs in science and engineering really do this well?


Yes and no - most PhD's are far more socially adept than the characters on this admittedly very enjoyable show, but in many fields women are particularly scarce. As a result, most PhD's are reasonably competent at relationships, provided they can find someone in the first place. That having been said, I've known non-STEM types who picked up girls at bars, and that is something most STEM PhD's can't pull off...</p>

2. How can graduate school be more like the Big Bang Theory?


Script it, add a laugh track, and televise it?</p>