The Gym

<p>What’s the gym like?
is there a lot of equipment?
Is it crowded?

<p>things about the gym: far the hell away if you live on east side or north campus (i'm up @ bowles).
-not usually crowed (at least the weight room
BUT!!! big problems:
1. not enough power lifting equiptment.
2. No weight belts and straps good enough or big enough for bigger guys and powerlifters
3. They don't allow olympic lifting, which is really a drag if you dig doing that.
so i guess if ur into doing just regular work out stuff like cycling and stuff it's not bad, but for more experienced weightlifters its a drag.</p>

<p>It's usually very crowded around the afternoon. Sometimes, there's a line to get into the weight room.</p>

<p>a line for weightroom? ghetto! atleast its only 10 bucks</p>

<p>There's lot of equipment, and it's great during non-peak hours.</p>

<p>There is a lot of equipment but also a lot of people. It's "only" $10 but most of the fee is already included in your registration fees. I was not impressed by the "olympic sized swimming pool" as first you have to be a member to use it, and then only about 2 hours a day is alloted for recreational swimming, and even then only half the pool is open while the other half is usually used by the water polo team. Just an example of too many students and not enough resources (I really think RSF should get another the RSF that is).</p>

<p>whats wrong with the hearst pool? i prefer it to rsf.</p>

<p>RSF is awesome unless youre into hardcore powerlifting. There's everything you need if you're into bodybuilding. Its sort of far from the foothill area (im in bowles), but I guess if youre going to the gym a little walk is no problem. I always go at like 11 or 12 and its never crowded, but thats the only time period I can speak for.</p>