the hardest practice test in the BB?

<p>what do you think is the hardest practice test from the BB?
i think practice test #5 is the hardest one.especially the last section of CR.i had no idea what that passage was talking about.</p>

<p>same, practice test 5 was hardest. Get this, i took practice test 5, got a 1900. Then next morning, took practice test 6, and got a 1970.</p>

<p>I got a 2340 on practice test 5 but only 2160 on 6 and 2240 on 4</p>

<p>i got a 2400 on all of them. you all suck.</p>


<p>yea # 5 is really hard, esp. the CR.</p>

<p>Yeah I got a 2060 on #5 after not studying for 5 months, but after some studying, I took #4 and got a 2310. Maybe #5 is hard?</p>

<p>i got an 1880 on #5 but a 1960 on #4.(i took #4 two months earlier )</p>

<p>but you see, mine was 1 day later. In 1 day, the difference was 70 points. I know that it could have been that i was more tired or something on practice test 5 but that doesnt drop me 70 points...</p>

<p>i actualyl thought #4 was the hardest... at least soo far.</p>

<p>BUT, i have to agree that the last CR section for test #5 was extremely hard-- i missed 5 on that section, which screwed me over deeply. >.<</p>

<p>yea #4 is hard too.the last section is hard...</p>

<p>i personally thought test 5 was pretty average in terms of CR (even the last section, just finished it half an hour ago and had -2 on the last section, -4 on CR overall). anyway out of the blue book i've done so far, here are my scores:</p>

<p>Test 1: CR 700 M 760 W 800 (2260)
Test 2: CR 700 M 800 W 760 (2260)
Test 3: CR 720 M 760 W 800 (2280)
Test 4: CR 700 M 800 W 800 (2300)
Test 5: CR 740 M 770 W 760 (2270)</p>

<p>so i guess they're all pretty consistent imo.</p>

<p>srrinath if you fix the CR you will be really close to the perfect score</p>

<p>Well, It'd be helpful if you can post how much did you score on the practice test #5 for example in comparison with the real test, though it differs from one person to another.</p>

<p>how do you guys figure out your total score? do you base it off like May 08 curve or something like that?</p>

<p>i use five sets of QAS curves. i average my scores based on all five, and round down to nearest SAT score value (i.e. the multiples of ten). i normally assume essay 11 because i always fill up two pages and my prose is generally good.</p>