The Hong Kong Flu (1968)

The Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 and 1969 infected an estimated 500,000 with a low death rate. In the US, there were about 33,800 deaths.


<p>I recall being a college freshman when this Flu hit. The college infirmery quickly filled. The school got the word out to stay in your room if sick and have someone notify the clinic. I seem to recall classes being canceled or maybe I just made that decision on my own.</p>

<p>No deaths at Emory as I recall. I always thought that was because we all drank so much alcohol on a regular basis that it killed the "bad germ."</p>

<p>I was over 800 miles from home and had to deal with this on my own. Crash course in independence.</p>

<p>I was a sophomore in high school. Living at home, thank goodness, so had the loving care of my mother, who didn't catch it (I think). I was in bed for whole week, read Hawaii, and when I coughed, I thought I had coughed up a piece of lung! I would NOT want to relive that time again.</p>

<p>My grandmother came for Christmas, caught that flu and had to stay with us for a month.</p>

<p>I remember having the Hong Kong flu--I passed out (fainted) between one word and the next while walking beside my mom at the local shopping center. She managed to grab my arm before I smacked my head on the concrete. Spent the next 5 days hallucinating because my fever was so high. I have never been so sick in my entire life. Still scary to remember how desperately ill I was even all these years later.</p>

<p>I remember it very well. It spoiled my years of perfect attendance I had going in high school at the time. I was in bed for a week. I remember drooling saliva because I would delay swallowing as long as possible because my throat was so sore that the pain of swallowing was terrible. That was the sorest sore throat I've ever had, including bouts of strep throat.</p>

<p>i do not remember having it but i got it as an infant,does any one know if it could result in illnesses later in life,i have been diagnoses with do many auto immune diseases in the past 4 years just wondering if there is any kind of correlation</p>