The Honors Program...really

<p>How is the Honors Program at AU? Is it really worth passing up top ranked schools. I know UGA has an amazing honors program that is very well respected, what about American?? Any comments…</p>

<p>I turned away UGA honors to come to AU honors. The UGA honors program is well respected, but it's also very overloaded at this point. They just have way way too many people in it. They are losing good professors because they can't offer the most competitive wages. UGA's honors classes are almost all core classes, which you can't take if you already have AP/IB credit coming in (affects me significantly). Their higher level classes are mostly regular classes, unlike AU's extensive upper level offerings. If you're going to American, I'm assuming it's for the Government/Intl Affairs programs. UGA's IR/Poly Sci program blows. They don't even have comparative politics classes! Their IR program doesn't even require students to take a foreign language! Many of the slackers at the school take Poly Sci because it's the easiest major to BS. Don't do the assigned reading or don't show up to class and BS your essays.</p>

<p>Trust me, I got into UGA early with an honors invite. I thought I was set on going there until I actually visited the department and saw their lack of resources. In fact, that's one of the reasons I even applied to AU, lol. </p>

<p>AU's honors program functions in a similar way with smaller classes and better professors. You also get to take more honors classes per year at AU than at UGA. I've spoken to two honors students there that really enjoy the academic environment in the honors classes. </p>

<p>Both are about equally competitive to get into, similar stats, etc. UGA has rejected a lot of honors applicants this year because they gave out too many invites to students like me. UGA honors has reported a 15% increase in applicants this year while AU has reported around an 11% increase. Both are difficult to get into. </p>

<p>If you're going for social sciences, you really want to be at AU.</p>