THe Hotchkiss School

<p>Hi i was just wondering if any alumns of Hotchkiss or currant students could give me insight to what the school's surroundings are and what it's like around the school itself. Is there a town near it, a mall, a park, etc. I greatly appreciate all of your comments and look forward to reading them. Thanks! ;)</p>

<p>Hotchkiss is in Lakeville, CT. It's very rural. Pretty campus overlooking a pretty lake. It's surrounded by a lot of country houses (many friends go for the weekend).</p>

<p>Lakeville is a spectacularly beautiful part of the world ... but it is not noted for being close to much of anything qualifying as a teen's concept of civilization!</p>

<p>ahh, i go to exeter, but i applied to hothckiss, and it has a veryyy beautiful campus. lots of greenery, very nice lake, but there's a joke about how cells are useless up there. there's pretty much nothing around for a 50 mile radius or so, very rural. but pretty, and academics are strong, so it's a good school</p>

<p>i already visited it and saw how rural it was but i was wondering if there is a town anywhere near it or something. i didnt see like any shops or stuff surrounding it. thanks for the responces</p>

<p>Lakeville is a cute little village. I think if you were motivated it would be walkable from Hotchkiss.The village of Lakeville is a mile from Salisbury, also a cute little village. Salisbury School is another mile or so beyond the village. Millerton NY, a few miles to the west is a cute, if slightly larger village. Salisbury School runs a bus to Millerton on weekend afternoons; I imagine Hotchkiss does the same. </p>

<p>New Milford is a hike ... but would be your closest shopping shopping. The "mall" would refer to Danbury Fair Mall or Westfarms, both about an hour away.</p>

<p>As far as restaurants go, there's wonderful places to eat in Lakeville, Salisbury, and Millerton. My favorites are Boathouse in Lakeville and The White Hart in Salisbury. You would not lack for places for your parents to take you for dinner when they visited!</p>

<p>My older son graduated from Salisbury in 2006. Unfortunately (because I love the area), my younger son is not interested in Salisbury and Hotchkiss does not offer his sport.</p>

<p>Hotchkiss is in a very VERY rural part of CT. You don't get cell phone reception there. The school does have a golf course, as well as the lake. It took us around 3 hours (?) to get there from NYC. But then, there was the traffic jam. I got accepted this year but I'm not going.</p>

<p>OMG crossways,why aren't you going????</p>