the hours

<p>I am very confused on how the "how much time you spent on something" is put in. Like how do you exactly measure a journalism job which is off and on depending on how many assignments I have? How do you measure activities into "hours per week" and "weeks per year". </p>

<p>Like I'm in East Asian club. we have meetings for half an hour most weeks, but I do stuff outside like thinking about what to do with the club, occasionally East Asian club does something outside... how would you put that on a college application?</p>

<p>Thanks so much!!</p>

<p>Best guess is fine. What's the avg hours/week over a semester? Put that down. Don't obsess over 150 hrs. vs 200 hrs. It's not a make/break issue whatsoever.</p>

<p>Hey man this is what i did:</p>

<p>for one of the mun conferences i attended, i had to work 1 hour per week for around 8 months, and 12 hours per day for three days after that 8 months. so as above said, take the average [1X4X8 + 3X12][number of weeks]</p>

<p>hope this helps bro!</p>