THE "Im going to make UCLA happy the fact it accepted me" Thread

I am so happy that I got accepted. If I do attend, hopefully I can live up to their wonderful expectations and standards. Thank You UCLA.

<p>lol nice counterthread</p>

<p>LOL gj duckedtape.</p>

(<em>.·´¯<code>·«¤° Loves °¤»·´¯</code>·.</em>)<br>

<p>Is it just me, or is the title of the thread not grammatically correct? Eh, maybe it's just the perfect English score in me :)</p>

<p>Agreed though, UCLA is the bomb for admitting us :)</p>

<p>yeah, i forgot the at, oops. Well perhaps that is why I didnt get a prefect english score. :(
But guess what? UCLA still loved me enough to admit me. :)

<p>I love UCLA, and UCLA loves me :) I'm sure gonna make you happy!!</p>

<p>hell yeah! invite your ucla friends...
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<p>haha duckedtape: works for me!</p>

<p>congrats to all!</p>

<p>tread carefully ducktaped... there is one on CC that wants to make all at ucla pay!</p>

<p>:) congrats! hope to join you soon.</p>

<p>I print screened my acceptance letter. I still have it. Laugh</a> at me. :)</p>

<p>^ Haha I see CC on the other tab.</p>

<p>Is it me or is the grammar of the thread title weird? Oh well, whatever, I'll forgive you if you are southcampus duckedtaped. hahaha good job. What other places are you considering? You have probably already posted it in another thread but I am too lazy to use search at the moment. Haha</p>

^ Haha I see CC on the other tab.



<p>BTW, overly excited freshman, UCLA stops loving you once you're in. :rolleyes:</p>