The inevitable funeral/fiesta thread. (Translation: I did/n't get accepted).

<p>A pivotal event dawns upon us: In no more than twelve hours, a first wave from the pool of applicants shall land ashore and evolve into Reedies, and a second, less fortunate wave, shall crash into the rocks.</p>

<p>Be it your funeral or fiesta, feel free to share your thoughts on how the application process went for you, and on anything else Reed related.</p>

<p>In honor of this being a thread on the Reed sub-forum, grades (stats) shall not be reported! Rather, articulate with introspection; express who you are and how you feel you did. In my opinion, the internal experience is far more valuable than the external summary of our character through overly simplistic numbers. </p>

<p>Of course, this is College Confidential, so disregard my view if you so desire, and stat away!</p>

<p>May we each wish the other well, but most especially ourselves.</p>

<p>Let run rampant the beast of anxiety!</p>

<p>a couple more hours..</p>

<p>This is so exciting :) Good luck, everyone!</p>

<p>Accepted!!!!! =D</p>

<p>Son Accepted - he is over the moon!</p>

<p>Congratulations, holyatheist and Penzance's son! I hope the other Reed prospies who've been active here the last few months also have good news to share.</p>

<p>I have been accepted :)</p>

<p>My application as a whole emphasized my passion for knowledge, and why there was no better college to satisfy that appetite than Reed.</p>

<p>I'm glad they received it well. Damn I feel relieved.</p>

<p>Dreams really do come true</p>

<p>Reed is a dream :)</p>

<p>It's a strange feeling. I've thought about Reed almost every day for the past few months. I visited and decided that it was THE place. I've often told my parents that I don't want to talk about Portland, Reed, etc. because I wasn't sure if I'd get in.</p>

<p>But now I've been accepted and I'm ecstatic :) Now all that remains is to figure out how to pay for it...</p>

<p>My day has been filled with utter euphoria. As the video conveys, this acceptance is only the beginning of our Odyssey; however, years of experience have prepared us for Reed. Congrats to all!</p>

<p>Son trotted down to collect post, returned with Big Envelope (!!) Truman, our family dog of questionable lineage and intelligence, always likes to be 'in the know' so is keen to help inspect incoming mail. Now Truman is beglittered and feeling rather festive. Son has been on the Reed College website for the last 24 hours. Doesn't quite know what to do with himself due to enthusiasm, relief, incredulity.... what a lovely Christmas</p>

<p>congrats reedites! you should post the link to the video/message it to me! (sophomore trying to be a creep/curious/reminiscing)</p>

<p>^Reedies* :P</p>

<p>^Actually, I use the older pre-WWII phrase for Reed students, "Reedites", because I think it sounds nicer and more astute.</p>

<p>Haha whatever you say.</p>

<p>Facebook consortium, anyone?</p>

<p>^There already is one.</p>

<p>For the class of 2016?</p>

<p>oh goodness, my desire to post a positive admissions decision in this thread come March can't even really be explained. This is the school for me. There's nothing like Reed anywhere else, and I hope I'm showing the adcoms just how desperately I need to go to Reed to totally succeed, in both an academic and Kantian sense :)</p>