The Insider Guide "AP" U.S. history for SAT U.S. History

Hey guys.
Would this book fine for SAT history? I mean it’s the books for AP but I was just wondering if the context would be enough. Or should I purchase the one called The Insider Guide “SAT” U.S. History?

It should be since APUSH tests are a lot harder than the subject test. I took the AP test this Friday and the subject test following day, and I thought that the subject test was really easy. So if u use an AP book it should be fine:) Good luck studying!

That’s not what I heard at all. For APUSH you can get by without knowing any detail. I just knew basic American history and got a 4. Almost everyone in my class got a 4, and we had the “bad teacher”. No one in our class ever read we just learned basic concepts during class discussions.

The SAT subject test, though, is very detailed. Most of the people that took it did not do too well from my class.

In addition to different question styles, the syllabi are somewhat different. The SAT test includes more precolonial and early American topics than the AP.

Where possible, use test prep for the test you are actually taking.