The Intuitionist

<p>Hey I am new to this forum thing. I have a rough draft due monday for the Eng 101 class and just can't seemed to get the ball rolling on this paper. It's supposed to be 5-6 pages (not all due monday) about one theme found in the intuitionist and then 5-6 quotes or scenes expanded but close readings to support the idea. I read the book but for the life of me cannot rememeber hardly any of it and dont have time to re-read it. Has anyone read the book. My theme is progresstion and I just need 5-6 examples. If you give me a section ie "hey try pages 102-122 those were really intersting to me" that would be SO helpful!! I have no friends in the class and little family out here to help and my husand is out of state training for deployment. So any help would be much appreciated!! Thank you so much!!</p>

<p>You all suck! Thanks for the help… OH WAIT NO ONE POSTED *<strong><em>!! This site was a waste of *</em></strong>ing time</p>

<p>Well, cursing isn’t going to get you anywhere. This section is called “college essays” and is mainly for people that are writing personal statements to apply to college, not people IN college who are writing essays for their college class. So, it was a bit unlikely for people to be able to help you out here in the first place.</p>

<p>People probably haven’t posted on your thread because they haven’t read the book before. Now, that isn’t the greatest reason to say someone ‘sucks’ … is it?</p>

<p>On a nicer note,
Thanks for your husband’s service to our country~</p>