The Last Airbender - Which element would you want to control?

<p>I would pick AIR! Air totally fits my personality, and I've always loved wind.</p>

<p>Fire sucks because I'm allergic to smoke. So no fire.
Water is for calm people...I'm not usually a slow calm person lol
Earth seems too rock headed and head strong. I'm more of a passive person.</p>

<p>Which would you pick? And if you think you're funny by saying "I wanna control Uranium--it's an element durr" then you're lame.
No periodic table of elements!</p>

<p>Why would anyone pick Uranium? Carbon would probably be best.</p>

<p>Lewis, you're not answering the question T-T</p>

<p>I want to be a Lawsofphysicsbender so I could control all 4.</p>

<p>I am the Avatar, so I control all 4.</p>

<p>I too want to control Air!!!!!</p>

<p>i would pick water due to the perk of "blood bending" Who knows what i am talking about? lol. If you remember the episode where kitara wanted to learn water bending from that old lady in the village, but there were strange disappearances at night when the moon would be out. It was the old lady owning all the fire people cause she was ****ed off. She used blood bending.</p>

<p>So i would choose blood bending</p>

<p>^Oh yeah. I forgot about that. That was kinda scary though.</p>

<p>^^Yeah, blood bending is scary. But if you saw the episode, you can only use that when the full moon is out.
Not so effective.</p>

<p>But with air, I can cut out any person's air supply ;] I would be unstoppableeeeeee
And I can fly. What more do you want? The power to force choke and fly is awesome, so I chose AIR. Personality wise (as a Gemini) I'm an air type as well.</p>

<p>^is that even possible? I didn't see that in the show.</p>

<p>Besides, if you do that, would you raise your hand like Darth Vader just for the sake of reference?</p>


<p>I've seen all the episodes.</p>

<p>Also, you can only bloodbend in the full moon.</p>

<p>man i wish i can have conversations like this at my school.... i wish caltech would've accepted me :( i would've been with my type of people. Yes it was in one of the episodes. Google it.</p>

<p>Earth. Because I can make big things.</p>

<p>Oh so like water bending, it would be totally awesome to like use blood blending and turn a person's internal fluids into ice.</p>

<p>@jerry: Theoretically is is possible right? I mean its air you're breathting...and you can control it. Yeah, I would raise my hand to be dramatic. Or be like Darth Vader.</p>

<p>@swineflu: Aww where will you be going? I saw the same convos happen everywhere. Even at the Real World MTV shows and at Duke too.</p>

<p>I guess. Besides, if there's blooding bending, shooting lightning out of your hand (lol, coincidental reference), and metal bending in the show, there has to be one person in Avatar history who can do that.</p>

<p>Imagine if you could make a huge wave of water smash through someones house.</p>

<p>You can't airbend the air away from someone because that's cheating. Also, then you could just theoretically drown people in water....</p>

<p>i will be going to UT austin, sucks big time. Especially since i am an out of state student from chicago. I hope to find people that can spontaneously start a conversation on fictional cartoon super powers and stuff.</p>

<p>edit: ^ I know people going to UT that love this show, it's a big college and known for engineering so you'll find people</p>

<p>earth, so many ways to just stop people and it's generally always around you and I'd probably just lay around tripping people</p>

<p>I kinda wonder about air, I mean how good is it really, when the air benders were the first ones killed off?</p>

<p>fire was cool but it seemed like nobody controlled it right, also it backfires too easily</p>

<p>water was like...I wondered why it was only on the full moon and why only blood considering our bodies are mostly water</p>

<p>(but with earth I'd also like those sweet metal bending skills)</p>

<p>Controlling people by bending their blood. <em>shudders</em> it would suck if they could make the blood leave the body.</p>