the last message before "the" message

<p>recieved this at 5:51pm today</p>

<p>Greetings from Hanover!</p>

<p>We are now in the final stages of our decision making process, and will soon be notifying you of our decision on your candidacy. Your decision letter will be posted online after 5 pm Eastern Time on Monday, March 31. It will be available until April 7.</p>

<p>You can check your decision online here:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you are unable to access your decision online, you may call our office on or after April 2nd at 603-646-2875 to receive your decision over the phone. Decisions will be released only to the applicant.</p>

<p>We appreciate your interest in Dartmouth. </p>

<p>Sincere regards,</p>

<p>The Admissions Committee
Dartmouth College</p>

<p>I wonder how they'll verify that a telephone caller is truly the applicant.</p>

<p>maybe ask you for your sign in password. Who knows...</p>

<p>Monday seems so far away right now!</p>

<p>Good luck to all of you. I hope everyone who wants Dartmouth gets in.</p>

<p>Oh my, where will they put you all . . . .</p>

<p>wow didnt get this email
wonder if that just spells rejection!

<p>i haven't gotten it yet either
they're probably sending it in waves, b/c that's what princeton did
i got the princeton one, but some have not
it's the VAST NUMBERS lol (like how i made the words VAST)</p>

<p>I hope they're not doing it in waves of like....rejectted and accepted....</p>

<p>ya b/ i have still yet to receive it.. 5 hours later</p>

<p>and im still nervous, even though on the other thread about this same thing dr arvah tried to reassure me... cant say it worked lol. But thanks to him anyway</p>