the letter from emory me

<p>I can't really give you an answer on this one. Your GPA is at issue. Your
councelor recommendation would come into play there. If they could explain
that English is your second language but you are making great progress and
improvment in your verbal skills that might help. If you really wany Emory I
would apply and give it your best shot EDII. During regular decision I don't
think you would have a realistic chance. I hope this is helpful. We would
love to have you on the team but unfortunately we only have limited input to
the admissions process.
Best Wishes</p>

<p>this is what he told me.....
what am i suppose to do now...........................***</p>

<p>do exactly what he said. apply ED II and have your counselor write a letter stating english is your second language.</p>

<p>Re-take and apply for Emory II.</p>

<p>What are your stats?</p>

<p>he said "it might help"....he sounds like "oh we might have a chance to take one more look at you if you really love emory but don't even bother thinkin to get the acceptance letter"......I am so nervous right now.. f.u.c.k</p>

<p>well but then i am gonna do exactly what he told me....
just wanna hear what u guys think...</p>

<p>it's tough...he probably has a good idea of which athletes get in and which don't, but the final decision is obviously not his to make. what sport? if it's a major sport and you're quite good it'll help you tremendously.</p>

<p>umm my stats are very poor seriously</p>

<p>SAT1 verbal 600 math 710...not sure i should take one more
SAT2 writing480(looking above 550) iic 680(looking above 730) spanish 750 korean 800</p>

<p>my scores are ok but then my gpa is really bad...2.84 weighted..
but i think i will get 3.6 above for first sememter of senior
reason for gpa sucks 1: very demanding private boarding school
2: international student</p>

<p>I have pretty good EC..</p>

<p>track and field...not sure whether emory's track is major sports or not..</p>

<p>and the letter is after he talked with admission people</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>


<p>Again, do what he says to a T. Definately apply ED to Emory, if it is your first choice.</p>

<p>i will do what he told me...</p>

<p>however I just had a word with my college guidence and he told me that i will have a better chance if i do strong this semester and apply RD. what he is saying is, every coaches are recruiter and they always want you to apply early..not RD...
he also told me the reason is that I should apply RD is, admission deans are the people who make final decisions, not the coaches. I am not even sure how strongly coach will support me.</p>

<p>well if you are unsure, maybe look at washington and lee, they have a really good tennis team in the south as well. or maybe look out west for Claremont Mckenna, which is currently ranked #2. im quite the tennis fan myself</p>

<p>i am doing track :p</p>

<p>lol oh my bad wrong thread, well for the south still i might say davidson for track.</p>

<p>well i really wanna go to emory...not tryin to find new school :p..I already got a likely letter from babson and bu.</p>

<p>well if you really do wanna go then go ed in january. but if u want track options open don't apply ed</p>

<p>It sounds like if you want this coach to go to bat for you, you should apply ED II. Coaches are less likely to do this for someone RD - they want to know you are committed to them.</p>

<p>If Emory is your school of choice your only realistic chance of acceptance is
during ED II. During regular decision you will be one of over 10,000
applicants for fewer than 1000 openings in the freshman class. There is little
I can do for you during regular decision. During EDII the pool of applicants
is small and I can do much more to support your candidacy. During ED II you
will be among the top 3 on our list of applicants from track and field. The
support letters form your teachers will be very helpful. I can address English
as your second language more thoroughly during EDII. During regular decision
there is no time for this individual attention. Understand I can not assure
you will be accepted if you go ED II. What I am saying is to be accepted that
is your only realistic option. In all due respect to your counselor my
experience here over the last 20 years urges you to apply EDII.</p>

<p>this is what he told me...</p>