The Midwest/Central Thread

<p>wufei: louisville, ky</p>

<p>Ah ok, sal.</p>

<p>Guys, I think the Midwest mail is finally here! I know it's here in northern Indianapolis.</p>

<p>Get excited!</p>

I shall be waiting...</p>

<p>How do you know they're going to be coming to the midwest today?</p>

<p>Suburb of cleveland, ohio, you think I'll get it today?</p>

<p>Sorry to say, nothing near Columbus, Ohio.. I was about crushed.</p>

<p>But tomorrow's another day (this is becoming a common phrase on these boards).</p>

<p>Nothing near cleveland</p>

<p>I'm starting to get angry</p>

<p>louisville, ky...nothing today</p>

<p>Nothing as of yet in southern Michigan.</p>

<p>so much snow here in WI!! but no news... hm. another day perhaps? </p>

<p>after tomorrow, i'm gonna label myself a deferred. Well, by then I can nvm</p>

<p>GL all midwesterners~</p>

<p>Still nothing in St. Louis, MO as of 12/14. That's what we get for being in the middle of nowhere, I suppose :-/</p>

<p>I dont think anyone from the Midwest got admitted....</p>

<p>MIT hates us becuase we've never seen the ocean :(</p>

<p>Michigan (as of 5:40 pm Wednesday 14) Nothing</p>

<p>Seriously, though, why does MIT not admit as many Midwesterners? I think we should count as URM.</p>

<p>Mail here today - SE Michigan, Troy, two acceptances.</p>

<p>I GOT IN!!!!!!11 Thanks to everyone for their help!</p>

<p>For those still w/o news, I believe you can call in tomorrow.</p>

<p>So... for suburb of cleveland.... absolutely no hope, right?</p>

I shall call tomorrow, but i'll be bracing for the worst</p>

<p>again, wow, congrats wufei!!</p>

<p>atomicfusion, it ain't over til the fat lady sings ;-)</p>

<p>danielsjang, THANKS MAN!!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU TOO!!! DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!!!</p>

<p>heh, i'm still somewhat joyful b/c a friend of mine is now a part of UPenn's SCEA class of 2010.
I hope my stuff comes tho...
tho I wanted to believe that my area didn't get our share of MIT stuff, our rival school apparently got 3 MIT accepts...(BS!!!) </p>

<p>it all ends tomorrow</p>

<p>guys... maybe ohio is one of the "at least 2 states" that have yet to receive the mail!!! no one in ohio has gotten it to my knowledge... I have 3 more people to add to that from other places in ohio who have not received word (and whos friends/classmates have not)</p>

<p>I know chances are low, but I've already accepted deferral, so any hope is a bonus</p>

<p>Any Coloradans here at all? Then again, this seems to be more the Central thread... can anyone direct me to mine? :}</p>

<p>Anyway, no nothing right here, though I only know one other MIT applicant and I don't know anything about her mail.</p>