The Midwest/Central Thread

<p>Has anyone gotten their letters besides you lucky Lexington, KY people?</p>

<p>Not here - confirmed with a few others in area. (Near Detroit, MI).</p>

<p>nothing here, confirmed with no one.</p>

<p>except for a person who was a legacy who got deferred (he got a call from the director of admissions), no actual deferral / rejection / tube that I've heard of. I'm in WI. I don't think MIT stuff reached the mid-west yet.</p>

<p>I bet our mail truck crashed on its way out of Boston -_-</p>

<p>central ohio here... nothing yet, and dreading the worst.</p>

<p>However, seeing as nobody really in the midwest has seen anything, I think there's still hope.</p>

<p>May we all have a wonderful surprise awaiting us in the next few days!</p>

<p>yeah. I JUST have a feeling tomorrow's gonna be the day for Mid-west.</p>

<p>tomathy-central ohio as well :) No one at my school received anything, and there were quite a few :)</p>

<p>Tomorrow gogo! Our USPS is just slow -_-</p>

<p>I have a theory. We're just close enough for shipping to still use trucks, while places any further like the Mountains and West Coast would resort to plane :(</p>

<p>This is based on my experience with UPS, I think they shipped my stuff by truck for 3 day shipping.</p>

<p>nothing in northeast ohio</p>

<p>i kinda agree w/ wufei...except one of my friends in the same school/city as me got his tube yesterday...i think it just has to do w/ the way mail is sorted out, and i think people in the suburbs will receive theirs a little bit later...guess we'll just have to wait till tmrw. but i really dont think it has to do w/ whether you were rejected or admitted. have faith</p>

<p>Thanks salank, what city/state are you in?</p>

<p>Nothing in Chicago. I think I've wet myself with anticipation.</p>

<p>eeew... well, hopefully you'll dry before tomorrow so you don't have to crab walk to that mailbox of yours =P</p>

<p>I'm not from the Midwest, but one of my friends got in and she's in Chicago. </p>

<p>Sorry for anyone that saw me put Oak Park up earlier.</p>

<p>Not in New England yet!!!!!</p>

<p>I live in Orland Park, I have not recieced my rejction, but I am the only person I know that applied...</p>

<p>man, so chicago did get theirs? hm. if nothing tomorrow...low hopes..
Am I being too pessimistic here?</p>

<p>none recieved in western suburb of Grand Rapids MI</p>