The National Society of Leadership Success in a complete SCAM

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a complete and total SCAM. You pay $90 to people in an office complex in Hoboken, New Jersey in exchange for a packet during a 3-hour leadership training day where you watch a YouTube video. HORRIBLE. I would encourage your college/university/institution to pull out from participating in NSLS immediately.

There are others of this ilk. Parents, if a fancy looking envelope arrives this summer telling your kid he/she has been “selelcted” and can join for a small fee of $, throw it away.

I’d be surprised if any colleges actually “participate” in this or similar organizations in any way. The sales info these scammers use is often filled with misleading information, as well as plain old lies. Sorry, you fell for it, OP. If you’d asked on CC first, you would have been warned!

We’ve had several of these showing up in our mailbox. They just went straight into our trash bin.

If they ask you to pay for a membership, it is likely a scam. We have received many junk mail like that when my D1 was in high school. Again for my D2 now.

In other news water is wet.

90$ for a 3hr class?

Lets see 15 credits per semester, 3 hrs per week, 15 weeks, would come out to $6750 a semestwr cheaper than most in state schools.

Yet college is needed at $500,600,700 a cresit hour pfffffft yeah right.

Op- did you fall for this? Your first CC post. Plus specific knowledge. At least it wasn’t a more expensive, time consuming event. Live and learn.

Nice of OP to come warn others, no need to tsk tsk that s/he “fell for it”, people.

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^^ Agree.

@hannuhylu sure, tuition would be much cheaper if all you did was watch a youtube video.

But… we don’t, which is why tuition isn’t $30 per credit hour.