The Network TV Series That You Watched/Loved Post-Series

Just a quick reminder that many of the old series may be available as DVD’s through your library (Six Feet Under is available at our system). If your TV or computer doesn’t have a DVD drive, external drives are fairly inexpensive.

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We still have a blu ray dvd player and we occasionally rent dvd’s from Redbox to watch.

Check the library system; you may be able to get some for free.


We always seem to have Redbox coupons so it usually only costs about $2 and I can walk to Ralph’s and get the movie versus driving to the La Jolla library!


Haven’t seen Criminal Minds on here. D and I binged this one.

Most of the rest have been mentioned

I loved ER and St. Elsewhere and going back really far Emergency
Loved MASH, liked Lost until the end
House was good. Liked the original Charmed