The New Fasting Thread

<p>If anyone remembers, Lawlz previously created a fasting thread for the month of December, in which we were all expected to fast for 20 days. My attempt at following this inevitably ended in failure. Due to this, I feel like we should set a more realistic time frame, seeing as how solely two cc members were enabled to last the full 20 days. How long do you guys think that we should fast for, and are you willing to take part in this?</p>

<p>Instead of fasting, we could just limit our time spent on HSL.</p>

<p>20 minutes? </p>

<p>It's really not that hard.</p>

<p>I actually find that to be difficult, to be honest. What I noticed when I was on the fast was that when I didn't go on cc, regardless if I signed in or not, I was ok. The first few days are the most difficult, and for that reason I didn't last very long. I think that after those days though, it would be easier for me to last longer.</p>

<p>I suppose that I could try that too though:)</p>

<p>I'm willing to fast. Limiting my time on here doesn't really help me, because if I get on CC, It's kind of hard to get off,lol :)</p>

<p>It should be like a week long fast and we can do one every other week. It should start next week! :)</p>

<p>I think fasting for a week would be beneficial for us:)</p>

<p>Should we start on December 28th then? We will then end on January 4th.</p>

<p>I think so too! I can do my over the break homework in that period of time, and study for SOLs :)</p>

<p>20 seconds sounds reasonable. We can start the 20 second fast at 6:30!!</p>

<p>Lol, no, I think that we need to fast for a week. You should join us!</p>

<p>W00t I fasted for 20 seconds! </p>

<p>There is no fasting in the CC religion. Sorry. It should be outlawed for a holy figure actually.</p>

<p>It doesn't indicate that we can't anywhere.</p>

<p>It is technically against the latest commandment added.</p>

<p>What is the latest commandment?</p>

<p>I thought Zapz was a heretic?</p>

<p>He alternated his opinions.</p>

<p>^Not until this commandment was added:
(the answer to Wart's question)</p>

<p>IV) Holy people shall not be limited in the number of posts they make, for this constitutes advice for those not imbued with Aero's wisdom, if they are able (RIP AOM, IV, ThisEndsNow et al.)</p>

<p>That statement allows me to post as little or as much as I want. It doesn't indicate that I can't fast.</p>



<p>It doesn't say that I have to post at least ten times per day though. Also, that's what Maple said, not Aero.</p>

<p>Maple included that in the post. It doesn't mean he said it. =)</p>

<p>Until there is complete evidence that Aero said it, I'm not associating myself with that commandment.</p>