The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards makes me sick.

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<p>Kids wanna be like Adamn Sandler? Rosie? CHRIS ROCK?! (he's hilarious, but hardly a kid friendly guy (aside from the zebra in Madagascar))</p>

<p>And I bet Alvin and the Chipmunks will win favorite movie, Spongebob for cartoon, and High School Musical (The GAME!) will win best video game.</p>

<p>We know it's rigged, but when you put it out there in front of a bunch of kids, it just becomes so much worse.</p>


<p>Favorite actor is Ice Cube...hahahah NWA baby!</p>

<p>FAvorite singer..... * Bow Wow
* Chris Brown
* Soulja Boy</p>



<p>I love how some of their choices are clearly not kid-friendly. </p>

<p>Favorite male singer: Soulja Boy
Favorite reality show: America's Next Top Model
Favorite TV actress: Jamie Lynn Spears (we all know what happened to her)</p>

<p>etc. etc.</p>

<p>Speaking of things that make people sick, how about some KIDZ BOP! I wonder how they'd sing Crank That.</p>