the nics

<p>so i'm thinking about housing for the fall, and was hoping someone could talk about the nics. it seems like the ideal dorm for me, but i'm afraid i might be misreading it. does it have an antisocial reputation like the butts, or is it just generally a little quieter than the all-frosh dorms and westco? do people there bond, given that it's mixed frosh and soph? basically if i'm someone who likes to go out but isn't a wild partier, would i have a better time in the nics or in all-frosh housing?
sorry if this is dumb, i'm probably overanalyzing everything XD</p>

<p>anyone? 10char</p>

<p>yeah, there's some over-analyzing going on. Kids make of them what they will. It varies from one year to the next, but, it's basically a continuation of the same design as West College; mostly two-room doubles and a fairly ample lounge; lots of sunlight. All the Foss Hill dorms share those basic features (altho, Hewitt may have more singles.) Anywhere else they would be considered social dorms:
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<p>They were built in the 1950s, so if you're allergic to blonde wood and negative associations with Howard Johnsons motels, your best bets are Clark or the Butts. But, those ski lodge fireplaces do work (or, have in the past) and those balconies do come in handy on warm Spring afternoons.</p>

<p>This current year, some of the nics were freshman only. Not sure if it was by floor or what. THe current years students determine the vibe of the dorm, some louder than others, some friendlier. JohnWesley is definitely right about the balconies, and the proximity to Foss Hill and Usdan can't be beat. </p>

<p>I have heard pluses and minuses from each dorm. some people love the butts and others think they are isolated. Some people are unhappy with anything but a single while others who were in a forced triple didnt change when they had the opportunity. Loved the point bump for the lottery too. It really depends on you. Reslife seems to do a great job of trying to resolve bad situations, but in most cases they seem to work out. If it is any consolation, it also appears some seniors have a love/hate relationship with their housemates even after all this time.</p>

<p>I thought new students were allowed to request what dorm they wanted to be in- I guess I misunderstood.</p>

<p>You're not mistaken, Mommy! My son just sent in his request for the fall.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply, morganhil but I'm confused- on the housing form it says kids shouldn't request specific dorms.</p>

<p>Hmmm..I don't know about that. I did not know about the form-- my son did this online Tueday and he said he was given choices. He has been thinking about this for some time. So you may want to check. A friend who is a sophomore at Wes was advising him on which dorm to select. I didn't see what my son sent off, but apparently Tuesday was the earliest date to request dorms.</p>

<p>Whoops! Correction! You're right, you cannot request a specific dorm..but what you can do is to indicate via the preferences list (i.e. do you want a single/double room, close to Usdan or Olin library, etc.) the TYPE of housing you want. If you study what each residential unit features and where it is located, however, you can narrow down the possible choice so that you have a better chance of ending up in the dorm you want.</p>