The not-Why Penn essay

<p> there anyone out there whos NOT doing pg 217 of their autobiography for the second Penn essay?</p>

i'm doing the first experience one</p>

<p>thats 1 lol...</p>

<p>yeah i didnt do the pg 217 essay... i did the first experience one...</p>

<p>I did the risk one</p>

<p>i did the risk one as well. i figured everyone would do the 217 so i didnt want to. plus i think it just makes for an akward essay</p>

<p>i did the first experience essay. it was more me</p>

<p>I still haven't done this essay (tried to write one it came out crappy). I think that it might be better not to do the 217 one, because Penn knows that kids write essays and then adapt them to fit the Penn app, so if they read your 217 essay and it looks like its written for another school then they might slightly frown on that. Just a thought</p>

<p>I did the risk one...too much creativity to compete with in terms of the autobiographical one</p>

<p>When I applied, I wrote about the first experience. I thought that would be more original than the autobiography one. Plus, mu first experince was not very commnon, so I figured that would help my essay. I am in SEAS right now (Penn's Engineering School). Good luck to all of you!</p>

<p>thanks. i'm applying to SEAS. do you have a sn (i want to ask some specific questions)? email me at <a href=""></a> if you do.</p>

<p>I did experience as well. Do people think Penn Engineering ED is easier to get into because Penn's engineering is't as good as other similar schools like Cornell?</p>