the NYU Show

<p>i'm going to be a media, culture, and communications major. would it be a good idea to join the NYU show explorations floor? i want to get experience working behind the scenes of a show and visit sets of shows filmed in the city. however, i've read that you shouldn't live on this floor if you're not a film major because the film majors take over everything.
does anyone know if this is true? is anyone who isn't a film major applying for this floor?

<p>i’m gonna be majoring in marketing at stern and i’m applying to the nyu show floor. i also read that film majors take over but it was from an online post in 2006 so hopefully things have changed? haha i think it’s different every year and i’m sure there are gonna be other non-film majors…</p>

<p>lol yea okay good! and if it’s just us and a bunch of film majors, we’ll stick together!</p>

<p>I put NYU show as my 2nd choice for Explorations, but ranked Hayden as 3rd. I’m a marketing major as well.</p>