The Official Appeals Thread

<p>This thread is to discuss the appeals process. I am about ready to start writing my appeal letter for Berkeley and UCLA. Please if anybody has any insight, post it here.</p>

<p>I posted this earlier, but I will do it again for you guys :). </p>

<p>The Appeals Process, things to do, things to know. </p>

<p>The appeals process is not an easy one. A very low percentage of appeals are rewarded for the spring term, and even less for the fall term. (Sorry to start on a grim note, but got to state the facts so you work extra hard on this!!)</p>

<p>Requirements for the Appeal:
1) An essay/notice of new and compelling information that was not previously known to the admissions reviewers that would make them view your file in a new light, and with enough of a reason to possibly offer you admission. </p>

<p>Examples: Taking a class they did not know about, even though you told them. Most decisions had already been made if you made changes to your spring quarter, thus adding a major pre req or some other class is NEW and absolutely compelling. </p>

<p>If you have taken on responsibilities during this quarter that makes you stand out character wise, in addition to your academics, let it be known. This can mean taking on a leadership position, or devoting your time to something other than academics that either accounts for a poor academic profile, or highlights your ability to contribute to campus life and community. </p>

<p>Serious work changes/or hardships faced during the admissions process. These types of things will account for your ability to cope with student life, and life in general. If you have done tons of work, such as taken on a second job to pay for school- or something of this nature, they may consider you based on your work ethic, or if it explains academic anomolies(sp). </p>

<p>2) You will need to submit up to date transcripts. Do not worry about what grades are on there (such as this terms grade) just make sure that your work in progress is included so the admissions knows what classes you are taking right now (if that is the basis of your appeal). </p>

<p>3) Letter of reccomendations attesting to your excellence and social aptitude. You want to get started on these right away and choose the best people you can because these are really important if your main reasons for appealing are relatively weak. These recs do not have to come from teachers only, if you have a life advisor, pastor, Scout Master, or anyone that knows your capability and can write an outstanding letter, ask them. </p>

<p>Try to get a variety of letters, and ask for an "open" copy, so that you can review which are the best and will best supplement your appeals packet. People can write vauge and general letters, and trust me these will not help the cause. You should send two letters, three if you REALLY don't have 2 good ones. Don't overload them, since most of the decisions should be based off the validity of your appeals claim. </p>

<p>3) Send these materials out as soon as possible. I know that they ask for them before May 15th, and I want to say that getting it in earlier (but don't rush it and sacrifice quality) will put you against less appeals. From what I understand, Berkeley recieved 500 appeals, of which 50 were granted, the majority being for spring term. The earlier you send your appeal in, the earlier it will get reviewed (because the June 1st SIR deadline holds) and thus less applicants you must face. (that is my theory, i cannot confirm this...but makes sense right?) </p>

<p>4) Plan Ahead. You may or may not get admission. You have to plan what you are going to do should this avenue fail. If you don't you will be in a limbo with a short time to choose your other school. Do not put all your faith into this appeals process, rather, try to look at the schools you have as options and make a sound "backup" choice so you know exactly what to do after the decision has come back. </p>

<p>Good luck with all those appealing. Try to make sure you get your points across quickly and effectively. Do not ramble, tell them why you should be re-considered, show them proof, end of story. Writing a book on yourself is not the goal here. They just need enough information to consider re-evaluating you, and they will do so - they are professionals. </p>

<p>My Sources: Aside from my counselor, I have already gone through the appeal's process in high school, so I am sharing all that I learned, and later found out in hope that it will help someone else. </p>

<p>Again good luck! </p>

<p>And PS (I'm pretty sure I am going to have to appeal Berk, so I am not sputtering too much nonsense lol)</p>

<p>How many pages should the letter itself be?</p>

<p>Well it depends on how much and how many reasons you have. I remember my appeal's letter being around a page in length (a little less). I only had one major major case then, so it may vary. </p>

<p>For instance, my reasons now will be:
-taking pre req course
-2 new major responsibilities related to work and EC</p>

<p>So I'd imagine mine to be a page or so once again. At about 3-4 paragrahps. The one thing I could never really understand how to do was the introduction. It's sort of tough spelling out "Hi, you didn't accept me...why?" type of thing.</p>

<p>anyone here at CC with successful appeals?</p>

<p>BayArea you are talking about for this term right?If so, I don't think you will know until 1.Cal comes out, 2.In may when appeals decisions for UC's are attempted to be given out.</p>

<p>do u think having a stutter my entire life (basis of appeal) my house being robbed (it affected me w/ school), and getting a award (minor part of appeal) is good for an appeal?</p>

<p>i guess i'm part of this, now</p>

<p>It depends Meza007. You are going to have to show somehow that the robbery affected your school situation. If you think you can do that without it souding too much like a reach, I think you can use that. I would actually attempt to appeal regardless of the reason, theres always a chance, and the worst that can happen is you do not get in, which might already be the case. </p>

<p>Zemookmook how so?</p>

<p>Reading this makes me want a job as an appeals reader. The excuses must get interesting....</p>

<p>bumping for the kids that got owned yesterday.</p>