The official list...

<p>The books you read that you think are effective more improving in the CR section. Ready GO!</p>

<p>Vocabulary: Direct Hits
Passages: The Official SAT Study Guide</p>

<p>And overall just read more (magazines like The Economist, Time, etc. and newspapers as well) and your score should increase.</p>

<p>Is the Direct hits book better than the Barrons 3500.</p>

<p>I'm deciding on whether I should buy it or not. Could someone please tell me why Direct hits is the best.</p>

<p>Also if I were to buy the book, which one should I buy: Direct hits Volume 1 2010 Edition or the Direct hits Volume 2 2010 Edition?</p>

<p>The reason why Direct Hits is better can simply be found in the names of the two books. "Direct Hits" has only 400 words and includes devices to help you remember those words. Direct Hits words have very good chances of appearing on the SAT as well. Barrons 3500 covers more words, but at the same time it would be harder to study all of them and memorize them rather than just the 400 words DH offers.</p>

<p>So overall I would recommend Direct Hits; however, if you have the time and you are willing to put in a ton of effort, then go for the Barrons 3500.</p>

<p>You should buy both volumes since the first are the core words (level 3&4 SC) while vol2 contains all the hard words for level 4 and 5 sentence completions.</p>

<p>just use both DH volumes.</p>

<p>you're better off using your time to practice for passages than learning 3500 words, which dont guarantee anything.</p>

<p>On March DH, PR hit parade, and rocketreview was enough but even then i still didn't know a couple words on the test (inane for example but was still able to get that question right). at that point you'd just have to eliminate choices and do your best from there since its not worth hours upon hours studying words. focus more on passages since if you can get all passages questions right and like only 2 sc wrong you'd still be at 800.</p>

<p>DH is awesome. They list the words in a story like format so it's a lot easier to recollect. I didn't buy my copies, I got them off of the ones they were giving out for free for review or something, but the quality is great. By far the best vocab aid out there. I used PR's hit Parade and I usually got upto -6 on vocab, but after using DH I'm getting like -2 or -3 on vocab. Great books.</p>

<p>I agree with alihaq717 that the combination of Direct Hits and the College Board's Blue Book/Official Guide will be your best resources. It has worked for both of my sons.</p>

<p>I strongly disagree</p>

<p>^^If you disagree, what is your counter-argument?</p>

<p>Nishpa, why do you disagree? Or are you simply disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing?</p>