The Official M10 2021 Freakout Thread

To anyone that has any knowledge about this whatsoever. How did the insurance situation work out? I called my provider and they told me my insurance couldn’t be used out of state and of course the school I’m going to requires medical insurance so I’m wondering if I have to apply for insurance in Massachusetts which would be an uphill battle?

You may get better responses starting a new thread on this topic.

is there supplementary insurance that can be purchased from your current insurance provider? Are you the subscriber or dependent to the insurance plan?

Well, it’s Medicaid and I’m a dependent so it’s under my mom’s name. We don’t have private insurance.

Is it bad that I’m sort of regretting commiting to Kent? I feel like it’ll be too small for me since I just realized that my LPS’ class of 2021 has 600 students! That’s more than Kent’s whole school!

You should look at the pros of a small school like a great atmosphere, great leadership opportunities, smaller classes, etc!

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i think it’s normal to doubt your choices a bit. it’ll pass. i actually think smaller schools are way better! everyone will know you and it’s more of a family atmosphere.


idk tho. i feel like drama will spread very easily in a smaller environment

i go to a school around the same size/grade. it is no different than a big school.

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Didn’t even think of that. I think you should call your insurance agency again and explain the full situation. I have to do the same, as my insurance is provided through my father’s occupation. Also, which school did you choose?

Have you signed any contracts? Review your decision again if you feel like it. Small schools are great for some, but detrimental to others. Ask yourself if you want to take on multiple roles and be extremely influential. Ask yourself if you want everyone to know you and for you to know them.

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It will, but it also will in a large one. Drama spreads like wildfire in HS, it’s the way it is.

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Well I’ve put my deposit down. I do have applications in a few other schools I should hear about later this week.

Good. Was the deposit a hefty sum? I know mine was quite a bit but not much compared to other BS.

I’m going to Milton! Also, I do not have private insurance so they probably care very little about my situation. If I remember correctly the lady told me to “figure it out”.

I think about $10,500. Not sure of the exact number.

There are cons to a small school. I for one do know that gossip/drama spreads so fast like faster than I can say “Jack Robinson” but like @usernameuser98 said the same could happen at a larger school.

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Maybe this is just me, but I went to school with 100 kids in my class during middle school and I only heard about drama when it was right in front of me. And it was always really easy to stay out of it, since the ones causing the drama were typically the ones looking for it. Either way, don’t worry about that aspect of going to a small school; it won’t be that big of a deal.

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same :grimacing: