The Official M10 2022 Freakout Thread

Those schools you mentioned are unique and/or different from each other….what do you like about each of them? Are you hoping to be within a certain driving distance from home? Did you look at Hotchkiss, L’Ville, Kent….any of the single gender schools?

Hi yes please I would love that

there is certain things that I like about each school none of them are close to my home since I live in Florida and yes I did look at the schools you mentioned. I am also working with a boarding school admission helper.

I would add Deerfield to your list.

Did you look at St Paul’s?

If you like animals, you should look at Millbrook - they have their own zoo and it is really fabulous. Students have the opportunity to take care of animals and think its an integrated program with Biology, as well as community service.

If you like sailing, marine biology, the ocean….check out Tabor Academy and St George’s (Newport).

Other schools that are not in the NE, but you should check out include: Mercersburg, Blair, St Andrews (Delaware), Episcopal, etc

For all boys: Check out Salisbury
For all girls: Check out Emma Willard, Miss Porter’s, Westover, Madeira (Washington DC)

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