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hey y’all!! just wanted to get this thread going I guess? so I have a small dilemma, I used to be super motivated and driven by the fact that I wanted to go to boarding school, but now I lost that and I don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to attend my local public high school but the thought of boarding school doesn’t really excite me as much anymore. I am still applying because my parents just want me to try it out (it was my idea in the first place though), but I really want to be able to have the same excitement I used to. Hopefully, this makes sense, any advice?

Go visit a few of them and see if you like them.seeing the campuses and talking to the AOs may be the little push you need.

I totally understand where you are coming from. I’d say tour the campuses, watch boarding school application videos, and excite yourself about the process.

Go to virtual events, and ask questions here on CC!!!

Thanks for the idea!

Smart! I’m gonna look at the online tours and I will definitely continue to be active here on CC! Thanks for the advice : )

Hi! Looking forward to freaking out with y’all :laughing:

A number of campus tours are going on over the summer. Try to see as many as you can in person and talk to students. Once you actually get onto campus, your enthusiasm should increase. Take time to speak with tour guides. Also, if you are an athlete ask if you can speak with the coach. If you have a passion in the performing arts, see if you can meet up with one of those teachers on campus - or speak with them on the phone. Search for fun YouTube videos posted by students from your target schools - this may give you a unique view of school traditions, performances, sporting events, and other activities. Go online and find issues of the school paper - you can get a sense of not only the news, but what matters or what is the buzz on campus.

Should you be able to do campus visits, keep a journal and take photos. Your immediate impressions may come in handy down the road. Also, write down something that may have been of interest to you about the school - you can use these impressions later for interviews and essays.

I believe Gateway opened up today. It might be a good idea to start working on your application over summer so you have less stress in December & January. You should be able to do everything in Part 1 and 2, just not Part 3.

Boarding school is not for everyone, for many reasons. If you aren’t interested anymore why go through the process? I have one child entering a BS this fall and another with zero interest. I would never push the one who is not interested to apply. I am sure interviewers can tell who is not excited and is just applying because their parents want them to. Hopefully you can get your excitement back before application time.

I’m already committed to a school for next year, and I don’t plan on reapplying unless I absolutely hate my school. However, this is odd. I’ve gotten mail from 3 boarding schools that I’ve never contacted or inquired from. Is this normal? I know it is with colleges, but it seems weird for boarding schools to do that.

Yes, it’s normal, @prepschool2021 .

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My son is also getting info from schools even though he is committed for next year. It seems it may be coming from schools who purchase information from the SSAT testing organization and use that information to market directly to potential students.